Intent to Apply Survey

The purpose of the Intent to Apply survey is to ensure coordination and avoid duplication during the launch of the Creative Economy Network in Massachusetts.

All parties planning to submit an application for designation should fill out this survey after fully reviewing application criteria and guidelines on the Massachusetts Creative Industries website. To view criteria and guidelines, copy and paste into your web browser.

This survey does not replace the Creative Economy Network application process. All applicants will still be required to submit full applications.

This survey will ensure that the state is aware of all potential applicants. If more than one party submits an intent to apply for the same region or overlapping regions, the parties will be informed and asked to coordinate efforts.

Any questions should be directed to the Creative Economy Industry Director, Helena Fruscio at, 617-788-3602.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the creative industries of Massachusetts.

* 1. Applicant Contact Information

* 2. Do you plan to apply to be part of the Creative Economy Network?

* 3. What geographic region would you apply to represent?

* 4. Please list the municipalities included in your region

* 5. Are you applying to be a: