Southwestern University's Office of Civic Engagement remains dedicated to the assessment and improvement of existing partnerships between community organizations and our students, faculty, and staff. Your feedback is invaluable in this process. The information collected is confidential and will only be reported in aggregate. Thank you!

* 1. Name of organization:

* 2. In what ways have you partnered with SU this year? Working with:

Please provide a ranking for ALL of the following statements.

* 3. Evaluation of Student Work:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
The students’ work has increased our organization’s ability to provide valuable services to our clients.
The students addressed a true need that our organization was not able to fulfill through other avenues.
The students’ impact will be felt after their service term is completed. Capacity was built.
The quality of students’ work was at a professional level.
Students conducted themselves (both in appearance and work ethic) in a professional manner.
The amount of time required for training, supervision, and guidance was appropriate and did not constitute a burden for our staff.