This survey is designed to inform a class project by Andrew McMahon at the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cyber Security (SUNY University at Albany). No identifying information will be used, however a few demographic questions will be asked to inform participation rates. I ask that those familiar with the VOST concept complete the survey, regardless of background or field. Please make sure you hit the 'done' button when you are finished so that your responses can be properly recorded.

For inquires, questions, comments or concerns, please contact

* 4. Please provide the position(s) or title(s) you currently hold:

* 5. Have you participated in a VOST simulation, or other large scale training event relating to digital volunteerism?

* 6. Have you been the member of a VOST activated during a real-world event?

* 7. Please identify the areas in which you have received formal training:

* 8. How did you hear of the VOST concept?

* 9. Was the VOST or VOST simulation/training activity sponsored, affiliated with, or connected to any governmental agency?

* 11. How many members were/are on the VOST you worked with/for?

* 12. Please select the role you had during the VOST activation, or simulation you were a part of

* 13. What were the specific goals or missions assigned to your VOST or your group within the team?

* 14. What was the approximate time the VOST/VOST simulation you participated in was activated for? (For multiple activations please separate using ";" symbol)

* 15. What would you say are the greatest strengths of the VOST concept?

* 16. What would you identify as the greatest challenges to establishing or running a VOST?

* 17. Please describe your biggest take away (positive or negative) from participating in a VOST or VOST training activity:

* 18. Would you recommend the VOST concept to agencies looking to increase social media capacities and capabilities?

* 19. Is there anything else that you would like to share regarding the VOST concept or digital volunteerism?