The questions below aim to gain a better understanding on how our visitors use the Center for Environmental Excellence's website. Please answer the questions below with your overall experience in mind. 

* 1. When you visit the Center Website, is it to browse or to view a specific resource?

* 2. In order of your priorities, please rank the types resources you visit the website for (1 being your top priority).

* 3. If there is a type of resource not listed in the previous question, please let us know here.

* 4. Do you usually arrive at the Center website through a direct link, or do you navigate the website to find what you need?

* 5. Agree or Disagree: I am able to find what I need on the Center website.

* 6. If you receive an AASHTO Publication (Weekly/Quarterly Update, ETAP Newsletter, etc.), do you visit the Center website afterwards for more information?

* 7. When searching for information, do you find it useful to be able to sort by Discipline (planning, design, construction, maintenance, operations, and project delivery)?

* 8. Which Environmental Topics do you visit the website primarily to view? Please select all that apply.

* 9. Are there environmental topics that we do not cover that you would like to see? Please let us know in the comment box below. 

* 10. When looking for a resource, where do you start on the Center website? Please select all that apply.

* 11. When reviewing Recent Developments, do you find it useful to be able to filter by Mode (Highway, Transit, Rail, Bike/Ped, and "All Modes")?

* 12. Please let us know of any other feedback on the website that you may have. 

* 13. What is your affiliation?

* 14. If you would be willing to elaborate on your feedback, please provide your email address below.

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