1. Survey of local businesses for economic development purposes.   

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100% of survey complete.

The East Central Regional Development Commission is undertaking a survey of local businesses in an effort to find out more about the needs of the business community and current economic conditions. This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete.  More than one person from your business may complete the survey. Information collected will be forwarded to elected officials and used to guide business assistance programs and resources in our five-county region (Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Mille Lacs & Pine Counties in East Central Minnesota). Please note that all individual survey results will be kept anonymous.

2. What industry is your business in?

3. Do you consider your business to be locally owned?

4. In the next two years are you planning to (check all that apply)

5. If you selected moving or closing, why? (check all that apply)

6. Why is your business located here?

  Main reason Secondary reason Not a factor
Where the business was purchased
Where my customers are
Where my suppliers are
Where my key employees are
Affordable business climate
That is where the business owner lives

7. How are your business' sales?

8. Are your business' profits?

9. For the next two years, do you forecast your business' sales to

10. Do you subcontract work to other businesses?

11. If yes to subcontracting,  where are the businesses located? (check all that apply)

12. How do you ship your products? (check all that apply)

13. How many employees does your business have?

  1-5 employees 6-10 employees 11-20 employees 21-50 employees 51+ employees

14. What percent of your employees are part-time?

15. In the next two years, do you foresee the number of employees to

16. In the past two years ago, the number of employees has

17. Does your business have difficulty recruiting qualified employees?

18. If yes, in what fields? (Chose all that apply)

19. What specific qualifications are employees missing?

20. What resources are you currently using to locate new employees? (check all that apply)

21. Are there any major technological innovations on the horizon in your industry that may affect your company?

22. If yes, do you expect those changes to be:

23. How will you meet those challenges (check all that apply)

24. As a business manager, what concerns you? 

  Not important Important N/A
Finding good employees
Changing business climate
Retirement of key employees
Finding adequate financing
Exiting your business (selling, passing to next generation)

25. Is your current internet service sufficient for your business needs?

26. What is your overall opinion of the community where your business is located / is it a good place to conduct business?

27. What is your overall opinion of the community as a place to live?

28. What is the key to your business success?

29. Would you like an economic development professional to contact you regarding topics covered in this survey? All conversations will be kept confidential and are at no charge to you. We may be able to refer you to a variety of no-cost or low-cost financing and technical assistance programs to help your business. If so, please complete this form:

Thank you for taking the time to compete this survey. Please forward this survey link to your colleagues.  Individual surveys will be kept anonymous. Upon completion of this survey, cumulative results will be posted on our website: www.ecrdc.org