If you are teaching the Key Stage 2 history topic in an English school in 2014-15 and know what resources you are going to use in your teaching, please let us know on the following survey. Your responses to this survey are completely anonymous and will be shared on www.schoolsprehistory.co.uk/blog.

* 1. Which year/age group are you teaching this topic to? Tick all that apply

* 2. When are you teaching this topic? Tick all that apply

* 3. Are you focusing on one or more time periods, themes, events or places in your teaching? If so, please let us know a brief outline of your plan in the box below.

* 4. Are you using any children's fiction or non-fiction books to teach this topic? If so, please write which one/s in the box below.

* 5. Please list any websites that you have used to plan this topic in the box below.

* 6. Are you taking children on a trip to support this topic? If so, please mention where you are going in the box below.

* 7. Have you organised for anyone to visit your classroom to help bring this topic to life? If so, please tell us about them in the box below.

* 8. Are you using any handling objects in the classroom to help teach this topic? If so, please tell us where you got them from and whether you have bought or hired them in the box below.

* 9. Any other comments or useful resources you'd like to share?