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During the 2009 IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference, the audience was asked what aspect of Drilling Control Systems most needed improvement. 35% -- more than one in three – responded “Integration with the Downhole System”. This was the largest single item.

To assist the IADC ART Drilling Control Systems Subcommittee better understand and clarify the intent of the response, we ask you to complete the following brief survey.

Any contact information provided will be held confidential.

Thank you in advance for your help!

* 1. Please rank each of the following for importance in achieving integration of downhole systems and drilling controls. 1 is least important, 4 is most important. NOTE: This is a RANKED question: Only one "1", one "2", one "3" and one "4" can be assigned.

  No value Some value Moderate value Great value
Control system in which the drilling process is optimized through use of downhole instruments;
Control system in which downhole tools, including but not limited to rotary steerables, are directly controlled by surface-based control and advisory systems;
Off-the-shelf integrated systems from equipment vendors who cooperate to provide downhole tools already integrated to drilling control systems;
Open-published interfaces to downhole tools and drilling control systems that allow integration of a downhole tool to a drilling control system.

* 2. Would you favor an oilfield industry standard for drilling communication protocols specific to downhole integration?

* 3. Please add any comments that you believe would be helpful.

* 4. May we contact you?

* 5. Please supply your contact information (optional)