What is BECU's Reality Check?

These presentations, offered by BECU Financial Educators, are 60 minute interactive sessions designed for high school students. They highlight the many financial challenges young people face as they venture out on their own, post-high school.

Students are given a job and a starting salary – students complete a budget and make choices to stay within their budget while paying for basic necessities such as housing, utilities, food and transportation. Opportunities are presented to students along the way that require them to make decisions whether to purchase items (i.e., a paradise vacation or a puppy), in order to demonstrate the immediate effect that impulse spending can have on a budget. BECU's Reality Check empowers students to make sound financial decisions and prepares them for future success.

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* 1. Please tell us about your availability and interest:

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Is your school available to host Reality Check sessions between October 17, 2016 and December 16, 2016?

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* 2. Which students (classes, grades, etc) would you target for BECU's Reality Check?

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* 3. Support from your school's administration is important if you anticipate that students will miss regular instruction time to participate in BECU's Reality Check. Have you talked to your principal or vice-principal and are they on board?