Thank you for participating in our survey. Your input will be valuable to us in creating the best Revit user experience.

* 1. Please describe your primary use of Revit.

* 2. When you need Revit content to create a project, where do you look for it? Please check all that apply.

* 3. What are the most common search terms that you use when searching outside Revit?

* 4. When looking outside Revit for families, please rate your concerns about your downloads.

  Not concerned Neutral Somewhat concerned Very concerned
Overall quality - Correct parameterization, etc.
Suitability for project - Want to edit it as little as possible
Uncertified content will mess up my project
It will look right from some views, but not others

* 5. How often do you need to create custom families for your projects? Please choose the option that answers the question best.

* 6. On those projects for which you need to make custom families, what is a usual number of families you need to make?

* 7. Do you have Revit families you would consider making available to others, in some kind of exchange scheme?

* 8. If you would NOT be willing to exchange your Revit families, why not? Please choose all that apply.

  Applies to some of my families Applies to all my families I am not concerned about this I am very concerned about this
Proprietary work
They are modifications of free content, or other people's content
They would need a lot of work to be useful to someone else
My families are too simple, I wouldn't be giving value

* 9. If you were given a series of standards to follow for improving the Revit families you own, and you could exchange the resulting families for content you wanted, might you be interested in fixing up your families to the standard?

* 10. If quality Revit families of the type you need were available for download, which of the following exchange relationships would you consider? Please rate each on desirability.

  Not desirable Not sure Somewhat desirable Very desirable
Even trade: Upload one family I made, and download the one I want
Subscription: Pay a small monthly fee, and be able to download as many as I want each month
A la carte: Pay for each Revit family as needed, as long as the price is reasonable
Royalty: Upload my Revit families, and receive a $$ payment when another user downloads one of them
Credit for download: Upload my Revit families, and receive credit for future downloads when another user downloads one of them
Viz for Revit: Upload visualization content (non-Revit furniture, cars, people, trees, etc.) and download Revit families
Revit for viz: Upload Revit families and download visualization content

* 11. One option we are considering is the exchange of two quality Revit families for $50 of visualization content. In other words, you would upload two Revit families, and receive a $50 credit toward visualization content on the TurboSquid website. Would you consider this a desirable exchange?

* 12. If you have another idea for an exchange or purchase relationship, please tell us your idea.

* 13. What would you consider to be a fair price to pay for a quality Revit family with correct parameterization? Please suggest three different types of families, and appropriate prices for these types of families.

* 14. Had you ever heard of or used in the past?

* 15. Include any additional comments or suggestions you would like to provide in the space below:

* 16. If you wish to participate in the TurboSquid Revit CustomMarket Beta program, or or if you are interested in helping us improve this offering by giving us additional feedback like this in the future, please enter your contact information.

Thank you for participating in this survey. We appreciate your input.