Welcome to the Fairmont Survey.  The purpose of this survey is to gauge the citizens interest and level of importance for various community projects.  Results will be used to draft the Village's strategic plan that will guide the development and budget for projects over the next 1-5 years.  We appreciate your time to complete this survey. 

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact Village Clerk, at (402) 268-3341.

* 1. How important is it that the Village develop a Trail Master Plan to provide walking trails in the community and potentially connect to regional trails?

NOTE:  Future (not built yet) regional trails are planned throughout the state and a Master Plan would identify potential connection(s) in the future.

* 2. How important is it to have a variety of housing options (rental, ownership, duplexes, townhomes...) available in the community?

* 3. If housing options are important to you, please rank 1-4 with 1 being the priority.

* 4. How important is access to quality and affordable child care facilities?

* 5. How important is it Village sponsored economic development ( incentives for new employees or preparing sites for building)?

* 6. How important is a splash pad to you in the Village?

Description: An outdoor recreation area for water play with little or no standing water intended for use by toddlers and young children.

* 7. How important is ADA accessible sidewalks and/or park equipment?

* 8. With most organized sports practicing and playing in other communities,  how important is the maintenance of recreation play fields to you?

* 9. If maintenance of the recreational field is important, which field (select all that apply)?

* 10. How important is a skateboard park in the Village to you?

* 11. How important are court markings on the basketball/tennis court to you?

* 12. How important are road improvements in the Village to you ?

* 13. How important are sidewalks in the Village to you?

* 14. How important is an enhanced fire station to you?

* 15. How important is a new Library with a community room to you?

* 16. When considering all the projects above, please rank them from most important (1) to least important (15).

* 17. Are there additional services or businesses that you wish were in Fairmont?  If so, what?

* 18. What other ideas do you have to better the Village?