IYIP is MOVING to a new home, and we want to hear from you on specific locations and your needs. Your voice matters, so let it be heard!

* 1. Let's hear about YOU!

* 2. Let's hear about your preferred classes next.

* 3. Current locations we are considering are below. Please RANK your top three choices AND indicate any which would be not be feasible for you (travel wise) with the N/A choice.

* 4. We are also looking for "satellite" locations to hold additional classes - places like dance studios, Dr. offices, Rec Centers, etc. Please let us know of places in your neighborhood that could work. Be as detailed as possible.

* 5. Please leave any concise comments here including any additional info we need to make this transition work for you:

* 6. Lastly, if you know of a viable property that is definitely available and appropriate for us (ie: approx. 1,000 sqft or more, handicap accessible, reasonable parking options, rent is around $2,000/mo), please include the relevant contact info / address here:

Thank you for sharing your opinions and ideas!  We appreciate having you as part of the IYIP community!