Alex and Toni, Smith and Jones

1. Please enter the identification number you were given.

2. Consider the following story. And please note that there are no "right" answers to the questions that follow. The goal of this survey is to find out how subtle changes of wording affect how people understand the questions asked. So please just answer however it seems right to you to answer!

One day, Alex and Toni were hanging out on their deck when they saw a person over at their neighbor Bill's house rolling a heavy, spiked device over the ground. “What’s Bill doing?” Alex asked.  “I think he's aerating the lawn”, Toni said. "What's that?" Alex asked, puzzled. "The sort of thing you don't know about if you grow up in the city!" Toni teased.

Actually, unbeknownst to Alex and Toni, it wasn't Bill who was aerating the lawn. It was a landscaper he had hired, and who just happened to look a lot like him.

Now, when Alex says “What's Bill doing?”, regardless of who Alex might intend to be talking about, who is Alex actually talking about?