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Call for Abstracts: DEADLINE APRIL 23, 2018
Panels are designed to encourage robust conversation and/or debate about a topic (e.g., the pros and cons of labeling all appliances with ENERGY STAR® logos).
We are asking leaders in behavioral sciences to present new, innovative research and applied work in sustainable energy generation and use.
What is a panel? A panel usually has three speakers and a moderator. The speakers are seated in a semicircle with small tables for water and notes. Each speaker gives an opening statement for about 5-7 minutes, then the moderator poses questions and engages the three speakers in conversation. The moderator also keeps time and ensures that no one speaker dominates the session.


We invite abstracts (approximately 300 words) presenting the topic and objectives of your panel. Each proposed panelist should provide a short description (about 100 words) of their perspective on the issue. These 100-word summaries submitted as parts of your panel may also be considered independently if the complete panel is not accepted.

Based on the 2017 conference attendee evaluation (50% response rate), we are looking for:

Decision-making and behavioral economics
Building coalitions
Federal, state, and local policy
Cultural change and social movements
Reaching underserved populations
Climate change resilience and adaptation
Electrification to replace carbon fuels
The arts and media

We welcome work that applies to the following areas:

1. Social sciences
2. Commercial and industrial programs
3. Communication and marketing
4. Technology and innovation
5. Social norms and culture change
6. Evaluation
7. Residential programs
8. Government policy
9. Renewable resources 
10. Transportation
11. Program design
12. Models and metrics 


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* 1. I have all my panelists' information ready and I have 100-word abstracts from each of them. (You may submit an idea for a panelist's perspective without having a speaker confirmed. Just state that clearly for our reviewers.)