* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What grade are you in?

* 3. What school do you attend?

* 4. If you are not a teen or young adult yourself, are you: 

* 5. In which city do you reside?

* 6. If you are registered at a particular parish, please tell us the name and town of that parish.

* 7. Please select your gender. 

* 8. What is your nationality/ethnicity (you may choose not to answer this question)

* 9. Which one of the following statements best describes your Catholic faith journey? 

* 10. On average, how often do you attend Mass? 

* 11. What makes a good parish?

  Must Have Very Important  Somewhat Important Not Important
Convenient Mass Times
Convenient Location
Feel Welcomed
Has Adoration
Being Known by Name
Daily Mass
See other youth & young adults at church
Contemporary Music
Traditional Music
Homilies related to youth and young adult issues
Opportunity to be involved in the parish
Ministry specifically for youth and young adults
Service & Justice ministries
Pro-Life Ministries
Prayer Groups
Pleasant Physical Church Space
Opportunities to learn about my faith
Seeing young families at church
Attending Church with my family
Attending Church with my friends

* 12. In what ways does the Catholic Church listen well to young people? 

* 13. What are some of the challenges for young people in America today?

* 14. What are some of the most important opportunities for young people in America today?

* 15. What kind of Church group gatherings for youth are successful?

* 16. What kind of group gatherings for youth outside of Church are successful?

* 17. What do young people need from the Church today?

* 18. What possibilities for participation exist for young people to take part in the life of the Church community?

* 19. How is contact made with young people who are not involved in their Church?

* 20. How does your community care for young people who experience extreme violence? (warfare, gangs, prison, drug addiction, etc.)

* 21. What training is offered to support the engagement of young people in society for the common good? (e.i. Habitat for Humanity, shelters, politics, advocacy, etc.)

* 22. In a world which is greatly secularized, what pastoral activities are most effective for continuing the journey of faith after the Sacraments of Christian Initiation (Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation)?