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Big Benefit of Cohort Membership
Research shows that you can significantly improve the quality of your experience in an online, self-directed program if you are a member of a cohort of fellow members going through the program together.  Members share support, help and accountabilities while going through the program.
Members Need Not Be Experts in CDI Courses
In the cohort, members are not responsible to train each other. Instead, members share thoughtful questions, available answers and any materials about the content of the courses in the program.  Members need only be curious and caring.
Sample Cohort Meeting Agenda
Your meetings need not be tightly controlled and complex events.  Instead, a simple and straightforward agenda can support powerful and productive meetings.  Here is a straightforward meeting process that has worked for many cohort (peer learning) meetings.  It includes three members per group in one-hour meetings, and can be phone-based. 
To Start Self-Organizing Your Cohort ...
If you are interested in organizing with two other learners to form a CDI cohort, then use this short application to share your preferences.  CDI will maintain a list of learners and preferences, and where there are matches, will notify three potential cohort members that might organize their own cohort.  CDI will check the list every 48 hours, Monday through Friday.

(You might invite colleagues, peers and friends to join the Series and a cohort :-)

Terms of Usage of List of Potential Cohort Members
  • While CDI helps to assemble a list of potential cohort members, CDI does not take responsibility for the accuracy of information on the list or for any aspect of the operations of the cohort.
  • Entries older than three months will be deleted from the list.
  • By entering your information on the list, you are permitting CDI to share your email address only with two other potential cohort members who match your preferences.
  • By using the list, you agree not to share the email addresses of potential and current cohort members with anyone else.
(The above-referenced meeting process is superseded by any process used by organizations that are collaborating with CDI to organize and facilitate peer learning groups.  Those organizations also grade the learners’ assignments to produce a Certificate in the respective Series.) 

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