Child Development Homes Community Survey

What is a CDH? Navy certified Providers offer high quality care for eligible children in a warm and nurturing home environment.  Care is offered to children ages 6 weeks through 12 years old and is intended for shift workers requiring child care coverage for nights/weekends/holidays etc.

* 1. Please select the category that applies to you:

* 2. If married, does your spouse work outside the home or is your spouse a full-time student?

* 3. How many children do you have that live with you and require child care for at least 3 months out of the year?

* 4. What is your current child care arrangement(s)? Choose all that apply

* 5. Do you have to use multiple child care arrangements to accommodate your work schedule?

* 6. Do you have child care needs which cannot be met by NAVSTA Rota Child and Youth Programs?

* 7. If answer to Question 6 is yes, please check all that apply:

* 8. How much do you pay per week for child care?

* 9. Which times do you require care to meet your work schedule? Check all that apply (work related only)

* 10. Would you be interested in having your child/children cared for in a Child Development Home- a CYP certified individual home on Rota Naval Base?

* 11. How many hours per week do you require child care?

* 12. What specific hours and days do you currently require child care?

* 13. Do you work a flexible/changing schedule? Please explain (e.g. three days on and 3 days off)

* 14. May we contact you about possible CDH options for child care?

* 15. If you answered YES to Question 14,  please leave your name

* 16. Best way to contact me:

* 17. Best time of the day to contact me: