* 1. Contact Information

* 2. What do you do?/What is your job title?

* 3. Why are you interested in gaining the CDF credential? What do you hope to learn?

* 4. Do you desire in-person face-to-face or virtual delivery?

If you desire virtual delivery, you will need to have a reliable internet connection. You will also need to be able to connect via the internet to a voice component of the training or be able to utilize a telephone to dial in to the voice portion of the training.
The tuition for the course with face-to-face sessions in Decatur, Alabama, or virtually is $1100.00
Tuition for courses with face-to-face sessions in other locations will be set dependent on space rental
costs and travel costs. Please inquire about your delivery needs if you prefer in-person delivery
where you are located.

When your payment for the course is received we can open the course for you. Our refund policy is
as follows: From 1st day of class until end of 4th week of the class: the student will be entitled to a
refund of 1/3 of the class cost. After the end of 4th week of the course, there will be no refunds. The
tuition for the course includes NCDA manual, instructional support, assorted distance-delivered
material, and instructor time.

Please make checks payable to Horizon Point Consulting, Inc. and mail to P.O. Box 1014,
SE, Decatur, AL 35602.

Questions: Contact Mary Ila Ward at 256.227.9075 or miw@horizonpointconsulting.com

* 5. I understand that this course is primarily an e-learning course with some face-to-face meeting time
either in person or virtually. I have read the refund policy above and agree to all above.