* 1. Please fill out the information below:

* 2. Please describe in detail how you will be raising funds that will be donated to Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF).

* 3. Please state the exact amount that will be donated to CDF. For example, "One dollar of each product/service" or "25% of monthly sales" or "100% of event proceeds."

* 4. Do you agree not to market or sell any product or service that bears the CDF Team gluten-free or Celiac Disease Foundation logos and/or names?

* 5. Do you agree to receive approval from Celiac Disease Foundation PRIOR to publishing your promotional materials, including website and social media promotion?

* 6. Do you agree to include a disclaimer on all promotion material that reads as follows: "The CDF Team gluten-free name and logo and Celiac Disease Foundation name are used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of this product/service/event."?

* 7. Do you agree that all your promotion materials will state the exact amount that will be contributed to CDF? (As described in question 3)

* 8. Do you agree that, within four weeks after the end date of your fundraising event, you will provide an accounting of your sales along with your contribution to CDF?