* 1. How much experience do you have interacting with FDA?

* 2. How do you currently receive information from CDER SBIA? (select all that apply)

* 3. What are your most preferred means for receiving FDA related information? (select three)

* 4. Have you accessed materials to educate yourself about the drug application process from a non-FDA CDER source?

* 5. How satisfied are you with CDER SBIA outreach?

* 6. Using a scale from 1- 5, with 5 being "Highly Effective", 1 being "Not at all Effective", and N/A to indicate you haven’t accessed the item, how would you rate the effectiveness of the current materials and information developed by CDER SBIA?

  Highly Effective Very Effective Effective Minimally Effective Not at all Effective N/A

* 7. What are the top 3 challenges you have faced during your drug application review and approval process?

* 8. What are the top information products you believe CDER should provide to improve communications with small pharmaceutical businesses? (select three)

* 9. Please provide any other comments to help CDER SBIA improve their communication methods.

* 10. Would you be open to providing follow-up information? If yes, please provide your name, email and phone number below.

* 11. What is your company/organization size?