The purpose of the Nevada County Community Development Agency Survey is to give citizens an opportunity to provide input relative to the strengths and weaknesses in our current level of internal and external customer service provision. This information will be utilized to help identify areas in customer service that may need to be improved. Please take a moment of your time to express your comments, concerns and suggestions. The website holds the highest level of confidentiality; therefore the identity of respondents is anonymous. We encourage you to answer all questions honestly and constructively. Thank you for your participation and willingness to help shape the future of Nevada County's customer service.

* In your most recent customer service experience, how did you come in contact with the county representative?

* If you used the county website, were you able to find the information you were seeking?

* Was the information obtained from the website clear?

* If you visited the Community Development Agency in person, were you greeted in a friendly manner?

* Which departments did you contact?

* Were the department representatives courteous and friendly?

* Were your concerns and needs handled in a timely and efficient manner?

* Were you given clear and concise information about your concerns and needs?

* Who did you speak with during your visit?

* How was your overall experience with the Community Development Agency?

* How could the services you received be improved?

* Would you like to receive follow up contact from a county representative?