By answering a few short questions, you can quickly learn whether it might be time to upgrade your business Internet connection. Soon after you submit your responses, you'll get a brief message from Digital West with your results and recommendations.

* 1. What is your business email address?

* 2. Does your staff get frustrated at the speed of your current Internet connection and/or does your network regularly experience latency issues?

* 3. Do you need a redundant network in the event your primary Internet connection goes down?

* 4. Do you exchange extremely large volumes of data due to the nature of your business (e.g., medical imaging, media files, architectural drawings)?

* 5. Do you need access to trans-oceanic networks (e.g., do you have offices and/or clients abroad)?

* 6. Do you regularly encounter bandwidth bottlenecks, especially with applications outside your LAN?

* 7. If you have multiple locations, is access to your shared servers and applications slow for some of your remote offices?

* 8. Based on your geography, do you have access to high-speed fiber? (Hint: If you're not sure, go here and submit your address to find out.)

* 9. When there’s a problem, do you have trouble reaching or getting help from a real, live person with your current Internet provider?

* 10. Now look at your responses to Questions 2 - 9. Please indicate how many "Yesses or Not Sures" you have. (Note:  Once you submit your survey, you will receive an email in about two hours with feedback regarding your responses.)