Welcome to the Breccia 'Perceptions of the Drylands' survey!

The BRECcIA project (see below) has put together a short online survey about perceptions, impressions and opinions of the drylands. The survey is aimed at academics, development
professionals and practitioners whose work currently involves (or has involved) the drylands in Sub-Saharan Africa in a significant way.

Because it's a perceptions survey, you don't need any technical or specialist knowledge to answer these questions. We're interested in your impressions and opinions, whether they're based on research, your professional experience, or your informal or popular sources of information (hunches count too!). You must be over 18 to take the survey. We hope you find it interesting!

Most of the questions consist of common statements about the drylands, many of which you may have come across before - either in the literature, in policy discussions, during your own professional life or in the media. You are invited to agree or disagree with these (and if you have time, you are welcome to leave a comment with a short explanation of your answer).

There are 26 statements about the drylands in the survey. There are also some general questions about you and your experience of the drylands.  Depending on your answers, the survey should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. 

Anonymity and use of survey results
This survey is anonymous and we will not be able to identify you from your responses. Results will be aggregated, processed and analysed in chart form and longer unattributed comments may be quoted. Results may be presented in an academic journals, quoted in policy briefs and/or presented at conferences or public events aimed at raising awareness of issues of development in dryland areas.

The survey is being conducted as part of the BRECcIA (www.gcrf-breccia.com), a cross-disciplinary research program involving multiple institutions across sub-Saharan Africa (including Kenya, Ghana and Malawi). The project conducts practical and impact research to help design better policy and planning responses to the challenges of food and water security in the drylands. Coordinated by the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, BRECcIA is a RCUK Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) program.

Thank you!

The BRECcIA Valuing Variability Large Research Project.

For any problems or questions, please contact Fiona Ngarachu fngarachu@gmail.com of Kenyatta University.

By clicking on the Next/OK button you will be giving your consent to take part in the study and you will be confirming that you are over 18 years of age. Remember, you can leave the survey at any time should you not wish to continue. If you need to pause in the middle of the survey for any reason that's fine - just use the same link to reconnect when you're free again and you can start from where you left off.

This survey has been reviewed and approved under ethics procedures of the University of Southampton. The survey will be open until the 10th December 2021.
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