Gosford and Wyong Councils were merged in May, 2016 to form Central Coast Council.

In May 2023, Central Coast Council will have been under Administration for 4 of the past 7 years. The State government has said that there will not be an election until September 2024 - when they could call an election at any time.

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* 1. Should Central Coast Council have an election in 2023?

The failure of Council mergers is clear with the 20 amalgamated Councils around NSW losing $1.03 billion in 3 years and residents facing increased rates, cuts in services, a loss of Council staff and the sell off of community assets. 

Cootamunda Gundagai Council is demerging - and other Councils are trying - including Inner West Council, Canterbury Bankstown Council and Snowy RIvers Council.

If Central Coast Council de-merged before 2026, then the NSW government would cover any cost.

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* 2. Should Central Coast Council de-merge into Gosford and Wyong Councils (with shared services)?

If you support a de-merger, then it is important to complete a petition. 
You can download this from our website - or we can email one to you.

If you would like to receive a petition to sign - or be added to our email list for updates - then please enter your details below.

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* 4. Any other comments?

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