Thank you for your interesting in this year's TxDOT Project Celebration.

Thank you for your interest in this year's 2019 TxDOT Project Celebration! Every year TxDOT awards grant funds to schools for a lock-in event to provide students with a safe and controlled celebration for end of school year activities. Traditionally, in Houston, TxDOT has conducted its project celebration grants to schools that apply for them. In 2018, Houston awarded 19 grants to schools for their events.

The competition will span from Monday, March 11th and end on Sunday, April 7th. The school with the highest safe driving percentage will be the awarded 1st place with a $1,500 grant prize with other contestants winning prizes.

How the competition works
This year we are doing things a little different in Houston. TxDOT has partnered with SAFE 2 SAVE to provide an interactive competition through their mobile app to fully engage with the community. SAFE 2 SAVE is a free mobile app that rewards distraction-free driving. Through their app, we are able to keep track of each user’s reward points for each mile traveled and use that data to create a friendly competition.

Our Project Celebration will be a competition involving students, parents, and school staff competing against other schools using the app. Each school will be given a specific competition code, unique to their school, allowing the school’s students, parents, and teachers to be on the same team. The competition will span from Monday, March 11 until Sunday, April 7. The school with the highest safe driving percentage of participants will be awarded 1st place with a grant prize of $1,500. Competing schools will also be able to receive grant prizes from 2nd to 20th place. Details below.

1st- $1,500
2nd- $1,200
3rd- $1,000
4th-20th- $700

Please complete this form below before March 7. It will allow us to setup your account and send you instructions to begin the competition.

If you have any questions please reach out to Matt DeLeon at

Good Luck!

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