* 1. How many people in each age group live in your household?

* 2. Where do you live?

* 3. How important is it to you that Carroll County Watershed Authority provides recreation programming?

* 4. Have you or your household participated in any recreational facilities or programs in the Carroll County area over the past year? If so, what and where?

* 5. In the development of facilities at the Carroll County Lake, what types of leisure facilities would you most like to see developed?  Please mark your top three preferences in the order in which you prefer their development.

  1st 2nd 3rd
Additional Park Property
Picnic Facilities
Greenway Trails
Additional Parking
Playground Equipment
Additional Boat Docks
An Amphitheater
Additional Beach Areas
A Tent Campground

* 6. For your household, rank the importance of each recreational activity at the Carroll County Lake.

  Not Important/Would Never Use Somewhat Important/Would Use Occasionally Very Important/Would Use Often
Picnic Areas
Parks, Playgrounds, and Land Recreational Areas
Fishing & Hunting
Beaches & Swimming Areas
Restroom & Bathhouse Facilities
Boat Ramps
Boat Dock
RV Park
Outdoor Amphitheater/ Performance Area

* 7. What programs are most needed at the Carroll County Lake? (Check all that apply)

* 8. Please provide any other comments and suggestions relative to Parks and Recreation that you would offer to the Carroll County Watershed Authority for consideration.

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