Missouri Poison Center

The Missouri Poison Center is pleased to assist you as we educate you about the care of the poisoned patient. We are an Accredited Regional Poison Center, providing services to the state of Missouri. We are staffed by Registered Nurses and Pharmacists who have acute care and critical care experience, and are specially trained and certified as poison information specialists. Our physician is a board certified medical toxicologist.

In an attempt to improve the value of our services, we would like to ask you to answer the questions below. All comments are welcome!

* 1. How would you describe the quality of the presentation you received from the Poison Center Specialist?

* 2. Please rate the presentation based on the following criteria:

  5 Excellent 4 3 Acceptable 2 1 Poor Nonapplicable
Well Organized

* 3. Did you learn any new toxicology information that can be applied to your job or work duties from this presentation

* 4. Do you think that the presenter was confident about the about the subject matter presented?

* 5. Did you feel the content presented was appropriate for the allotted time?

* 6. Please enter the name/topic of the presentation evaluated.

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