Thank you for your interest in Opportunity Gardens!

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are still accepting applications for 2020! Staff from our Opportunity Gardens Program will continue to mentor clients at their homes and/or virtually. All at-home sessions will occur outdoors with adequate space maintained between CCUA staff and participants; staff will also wear face coverings. Staff will call ahead of time to determine if clients are feeling well or have been in contact with someone infected with the virus.
Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture's Opportunity Gardens Program empowers people to grow food for themselves by providing mentoring services and garden supplies for three years.
How the Opportunity Gardens works:
1. Complete the application
2. CCUA will call you to follow up on your application and discuss a garden plan.
3. Once you are in the program, CCUA will help you schedule a time to help install your garden beds with CCUA staff.
4. Once your garden is built you receive another phone call about mentoring services and getting the rest of the materials and plants needed to garden. 

Before completing the application please read the instructions below: 
 You must meet the following qualifications: 
1. Live in Columbia, Missouri.
2. Meet the income requirements for Free/Reduced Lunch.
3. All are welcome to apply but preference is given to households with children aged 19 and younger.
4. Be committed to being in the three-year program.
Maximum Household Income Eligible for Reduced Price Meals

Annually Monthly Weekly
1 $23,107 $1,926 $445
2 $31,284 $2,607 $602
3 $39,461 $3,289 $759
4 $47,638 $3,970 $917
5 $55,815 $4,652 $1,074
6 $63,992 $5,333 $1,231
7 $72,169 $6,015 $1,388
8 $80,346 $6,696 $1,546
Each Additional Member +$8,177 + $682  +158

NOTE: IF YOU RENT YOU WILL NEED TO COMPLETE THE LANDLORD AGREEMENT.  There is a place in the application where you can upload the completed agreement. If you own your home you DO NOT need to complete the Landlord Agreement
 Click here to access the Landlord Agreement

If you have questions about the application or would like a paper application mailed to you please call CCUA: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm @ (573) 514-4174