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This page is an application form for the 2018 CCT REU.

This application MUST be completed and all required paperwork (500-word essay, transcripts, and recommendation letters) MUST be turned in no later than March 1, 2018 in order to be considered for this REU.

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* 23. If yes, where are you planning to pursue graduate studies?

REU housing and interest specific questions: (Required)

* 24. If selected, do you plan to stay on campus in REU provided housing or off campus?

* 25. Will you have a car to campus for the duration of the REU?

* 26. Will you need a parking permit for a car?

* 27. If selected for the REU program, would you consider continuing your research during the academic school year?

* 28. Please look at the five CCT focus areas and list them in order of preference to you (in which focus area would you prefer to do your summer research). For the description of the focus areas, please visit:

  First Second Third Fourth Fifth No preference Not this one
Core Computing Sciences
Coast to Cosmos
Material World
Cultural Computing
System Science and Engineering

* 29. Please look at the proposed student projects and list them in order of preference to you (which summer project interest you the most). For the description of the projects, please visit:

  First Second Third Sounds Interesting No preference Not this one
Computational Frameworks
Forensic Data Restoration and Repair
Medical Image Analysis...
Autonomous Robotic Exploration...
Java script-based epi-genome browser
Replica Exchange...
Hadoop Hama framework
AtomVis System
Computational Astrophysics
Loop Quantum Gravity
Tsunamis, Storm Surges, Ocean Waves,...
Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
Parallel Reservoir Simulation
Geothermal Simulation
Inertial Flows
CFD, Novel Bioreactor Design
CFD, Fractal Mixers
CFD, Granular Flow in Cavities
Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems
Metallic Photonic Crystal Structures
Organic Salts inside Nanopores
Accelerated Phys. and Chem. Codes using GPUs
Span 80 Micelles
Drug Design
Kink Path Integral Method
3D Printing and X-ray...
Strong-field Ionization Rates...
First-principles X-ray absorption...
Nonlinear Optical Response...
Digital Musical Instruments
Laptop Orchestra
NEXUS and Mobile Music
HIVE HPC and Interactive Music
Value Extraction from Financial DDS
Tourist Attraction Service Levels
High-performance Interactive Viz...
Interactive Image Systems
Advanced Networking
Big Data with Hadoop
Compiler Research

* 30. Please enter the contact information for two faculty who will submit letters of recommendations on your behalf. We will contact the faculty via e-mail, therefore, you must include valid e-mail addresses.

* 31. How did you hear about this REU?

Remember this application and all required materials (500-word essay, transcripts, and recommendation letters) should be turned in by March 1, 2018 for you to be considered for the REU.

All materials: transcripts and essay MUST be sent to:

Jennifer Fontenot
CCT REU Program Office
Either by e-mail:
reu -at-, e-mail subject: REU Applications,
or mail:
340 E. Parker Blvd.
LSU CCT Digital Media Center
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
or fax:
Fax: (225) 578-8902, Attn. Jennifer Fontenot