The three-member Board of Commissioners constitutes the chief governing body of the County. The Board, together with its executive staff, manages a large and diverse organization whose mission is to provide quality government services in an efficient, cost effective manner. Elected every four years, the Commissioners are responsible for policy-making, fiscal management and the administration of county affairs.

In 2008, the Commissioners began a strategic planning process by conducting an initial citizen survey receiving feedback from 1,100 County residents. The input from citizens was a crucial component in establishing overall County priorities and goals.

This year, the County begins the next phase of the County’s strategic planning efforts. The Commissioners will receive valuable input from various sources such as:

• The results of multiple focus groups, made up of subject matter experts, who met with County staff to discuss current trends and develop recommended goals,
• The analysis of data collected as part of the 18-month RoadMAPP Community Health Assessment co mpleted in 2012,
• The results from this 2013 Quality of Life Survey that you are being asked to complete and return

INTRODUCTION: The County of Chester is seeking citizen input as part of its review of current County government strategic priorities and goals. The survey questions address: the quality of life for residents of the county; priority issues important to residents of the county; and the performance of County personnel. Citizens’ viewpoints are important components in the formation of the County’s overall and individual department goals. Your response to this survey will help to ensure citizens’ needs are at the core of the County’s strategic plan.

INSTRUCTIONS: The County of Chester has partnered with West Chester University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social & Economic Policy Research to collect citizen input on questions related to the quality of life in Chester County Pennsylvania.

CONSENT: You are being asked to participate in this survey and your participation is voluntary. You may choose not to participate. The results of the survey will be distributed publicly, but individual responses will not be made public. Any questions about the survey can be directed to West Chester University’s research center director, Dr. Jeffery Osgood, at or 610-425-5000 ext. 2440. Your completion of the survey online will be considered your consent to participate.
**Esta encuesta está disponible en español o llame al 610-344-6280 para obtener ayuda.**