Dear Members of the Cornelia Connelly School Community,

This survey has been designed by the Cornelia Connelly Head of School Search Committee to solicit your views and opinions about the search for our next Head of School. Your input will help us identify and attract candidates who will advance the needs and culture of our community.

We have made every effort to be respectful of your time and completing this survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes. Please know that individual responses are anonymous.

We appreciate your time and candor and encourage you to comment in the spaces provided below.

                                                                                                   — The Cornelia Connelly Head of School Search Committee

* 1. How would you describe the culture of Connelly in a single phrase?

* 2. What are Connelly's greatest strengths?

* 3. What do you see as the most pressing needs of Connelly in the next 5 years—starting with the most important—that require the attention of the Head of School?

* 4. Please list 3 to 4 characteristics—starting with the most important—that you would
like to see in the next Head of Connelly.

* 5. It would be helpful if you would identify all of your affiliation(s) with Connelly.

* 6. If there is a person whom you know that we should consider for the position, please provide her/his contact information. 

* 7. Please provide any additional input you would like the Search Committee to consider as we embark on this process.

Thank you for completing the survey.

Please note that all responses are anonymous and are reported directly to our search consultants, Educational Directions. The Search Committee does not view individual survey responses. Educational Directions will look for prominent themes or patterns in the responses and will summarize the survey feedback for the Search Committee.