DUST Management Services

We thank you in advance for your time in completing this survey. The results will be collated into a set of recommendations that will be used to help further improve our website and online services.

If you have any further questions or comments please email us directly at info@dustman.com.au.

There are only 10 questions, let's get started...

* 1. What is your interest in DUST Management Services?

* 2. What size is the business you run or are a part of?

* 3. How many times have you visited the DUSTMAN website in the past 12 months?

* 4. Why did you visit the DUSTMAN website?

* 5. How do you find information on the DUSTMAN website?

* 6. How do you rate the DUSTMAN website on the following topics, from 1 to 5 with 1 being very poor and 5 being excellent?

  1 2 3 4 5
Look and feel of the website
Ability to find information
Content (easy to read and understand)
Relevance of information
Depth of information (there is enough information)
Reliability of information (information is consistent and up to date)

* 7. What DUST Management Services products and/or services are you most interested in?

* 8. What is your primary source for getting information about DUST Management Services?

* 9. How would you like to be notified about the latest innovations and have DUST Management Services communicate news and information relevant to you?

* 10. Is there anything else you wish to add that can help us understand what will improve your digital experience with the DUSTMAN website?