Mortgage Lending Survey

Welcome to CC Pace’s latest mortgage industry survey! Thank you for choosing to participate. You should be able to complete it in less than 10 minutes.

Please note that your input will be treated confidentially and anonymously. All data collected will be aggregated for reporting purposes, with no specific responses attributed to any individual or organization. Other than the aggregated results, no collected data will be shared with anyone. We do ask that you provide us with your email address with the express purpose of providing you with an advance copy of our white paper report based on the survey results as our thank you for your participation.


1. What best describes your organization's strategic plans?

2. Which of these describes your organization's greatest challenge?

3. When considering technology expenditures, what is most important?


4. Has your organization appointed a department or individual to be responsible for ensuring people, processes, and systems are providing the best possible customer experience?

5. Does your organization have a borrower self service portal?

6. If so, what best describes the portal?

7. What features does the portal include? (check all that apply)

8. Does your organization use the same portal for consumer direct as retail?

9. What percentage of borrower applications come through the portal?

10. How would your borrowers rate the overall customer experience?


11. What best describes the optimal lending platform for your organization?

12. What vendor developed your current LOS? If you have a custom platform please indicate the developer in "other".

13. How long have you been on your current LOS?

14. How much longer do you expect to stay on the current LOS?

15. What is your organization's biggest challenge with the existing LOS?

16. Do you feel you received all or most of the benefits you expected from the new technologies your organization has implemented?

17. Have you or are you considering implementing any FinTech/Digital systems?

18. Are you considering adding HELOCs to the mortgage origination platform?

19. Are you considering adding construction loans to the mortgage origination platform?


20. What is your organization's experience with electronic closings?

21. What are the primary obstacles to your organization closing loans with an electronic signature?

22. When do you think eClosings will be more common than wet signings?


23. Please describe your organization/charter.

24. What is your area of responsibility? (check all that apply)

25. What best describes your role?

26. What is your organization's estimated annual production volume ($) for 2018?

27. In which channels do you originate loans? (check all that apply)

28. Does your organization have any current challenges or projects that you would like to discuss with CC Pace? 

29. Please provide your email address so that we can send you an early copy of our white paper documenting the survey results.