May 7th Community Collaboration

Youth radicalization leading to violence has become a growing fear among Canadians. Although Canada has suffered relatively fewer acts of violence, this fear has intensified and a de-radicalization strategy is needed in the Canadian context. Based on research conducted by Haval Ahmad, a Burnaby School District Settlement Worker and a research affiliate with the Canadian Network for Research on Security and Society, social identity theory is used as a basic for presentation of a community collaboration approach to youth radicalization prevention and to de-radicalization efforts.

Speaker: Haval Ahmad  

Speaker Bio: Haval Ahmad is currently completing his PhD in International Politics. His past and recent research has focused on child soldiering, social policy, international conflict, radicalization and de-radicalization. Haval is employed by Burnaby School District as a Settlement Worker and by Vancouver Police Department in a crisis response/intervention capacity.​ Haval frequently appears on CBC representing Burnaby School District on issues pertaining to refugees crisis, issues faced by students, and community and educational institutions preparedness.

Date: Monday, May 7
Time: 7-8:30pm
Venue: Tommy Douglas Library (7311 Kingsway / map)

Registration: 25 spots. 10 waitlisted. Light refreshments provided.

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