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Your feedback provides us with valuable information to ensure we provide excellent service to your customers. Please use this short survey to share your experiences.

NOTE: select your answer based on your most recent experience at CCMH HMR.

* 1. I received the following service from HMR [i.e. oxygen, medical equipment, bi-pap, etc.]

* 2. Select the answer that best reflects your experience.

  Always Usually Rarely Never Not answered
HMR staff assisted me with my home medical equipment needs.
HMR staff actively worked to problem solve when I had difficulties with purchasing equipment or with servicing equipment.
HMR staff treated me with courtesy and respect.
HMR staff provided timely service.
HMR staff communicated with me in a professional manner.

* 3. I would recommend CCMH HMR to family and friends for home medical equipment needs.