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ATTENTION: If you are requesting CC&IR services for any date after July 22, 2019, please contact us to receive a template for our new Master Data List. This list and instructions are also being emailed to all 14(c) sites.

We are phasing out our current request process. We are creating a new database that will allow our counselors to see when an individual is due for services, and remove the need to submit requests and data lists each time services are needed.

This request is to be submitted only for individuals already working in subminimum wage employment. Please refer any individuals 24 or younger seeking subminimum wage employment to their local DOR office to apply for vocational rehabilitation services and to complete required Section 511 activities. 

1.   Complete a separate request for each 14(c) certificate holder business site where DOR CC&IR services will be provided. 

  • Example: The 14(c) certificate holder has three business sites where individuals working in subminimum wage employment will participate in a CC&IR services presentation. 
    • 14(c) Certificate Holder/Business Name: Jobs 4U
      • Site Location 1:  Jobs 4U Buena Park
      • Site Location 2:  Jobs 4U Anaheim
      • Site Location 3:  Jobs 4U Downey
          Submit three requests with information specific for each business site.

2.   Only include current employees receiving subminimum wage in this request that meet the following:
  • New hires that require CC&IR services twice during their first year of employment.  For the initial request, submit the on-line request as soon as possible after an individual begins working in subminimum wage employment.  For the CC&IR service required during the last six months of the first year of employment, contact your local DOR CC&IR Counselor to coordinate services.

  • Annual:  After the employee's first year on the job as they continue working in subminimum wage employment. Annual CC&IR services should be scheduled approximately one year after the last CC&IR services were provided, but no later than their anniversary/hire date.
Questions? Please call, (916) 558-5867 or email