Project Information

The State Weed Board is seeking your help in finding some voluntary landowners statewide who might be interested in participating in this project. At this early stage, we are looking for private or public landowners who are committed to a multi-year project that involves noxious weed control and planting with native species. Again, the native plantings can either take place after noxious weed control on the project site, or in conjunction with noxious weed control on parallel sites to the infestations. The latter option of planting new forage patches adjacent to active noxious weed control sites will probably be preferable in most cases.

If you are interested in suggesting a site owned by yourself or someone you know, please include as much information as you can on this survey. 

* 1. Are you the owner of the site you're suggesting?

* 2. Your Contact Information

* 3. Contact Information for the Owner of the Property/Site (if different from Question 2)

* 4. What is your relationship with the Property/Site owner?

* 5. What is the approximate size of the potential site? Ideally we'd like to have work sites (weed control/new forage) that are 0.1 - 1.0 acre, though the actual infestation might be larger.

* 6. What noxious weeds are currently found at the site?

* 7. How would conversion of this site benefit agriculture?