The Environmental Health Division of Carteret County Health Department strives to provide excellent customer service. Please let us know how we are doing by completing this brief anonymous survey.

* 1. Which Environmental Health program did you most recently have interaction with or receive a service from?

* 2. What was the date of your interaction with our office?


* 3. If you requested a service, how many business days did it take for us to respond to your request?

* 4. Did the staff member who worked with you answer all of your questions and explain how he/she reached his/her findings?

* 5. Did our staff act in a professional manner?

* 6. Do our hours of operation meet your needs?

* 7. Please provide any additional feedback based on your interaction with the Carteret County Health Department  Environmental Health Division.

Thank you for your time and feedback. If you would like to discuss in detail anything about your experience with the Environmental Health Division of Carteret County Health Department, please contact Jesse Dail, Environmental Health Director, at 252-728-8499 x5518 or by email at