* 1. What sector do you represent/work within?

* 2. What is the broad scope of your procurement, including approximate values per year?

Against each procurement approach you use briefly answer these questions:

* 3. Are existing supplier partners still participating as required? Please cite where it is and is not working well.

* 4. Are any contracts or partnering/framework arrangements procured during the recession now giving problems and is this widespread?

* 5. Are you experiencing difficulties with new tenders, including invitations to enter into new framework arrangements, again citing examples?

* 6. Have you adapted the way you engage the industry as we emerge from recession to improve engagement, if so please briefly describe how you have done this and if it has proved to be successful?

* 7. In order to get the frankest possible answers, this survey is completely confidential. However, if you would be happy to expand on your answers in confidence please either contact Gren Tipper (gren.tipper@constructingexcellence.org.uk, 07831387293) or provide contact details below.