Employment claims are one of the top two loss exposures to the members of the PACE Pool, and this trend has necessitated a need to develop strategies to prevent and reduce losses from these types of claims. Employment claims do have the ability to affect premium for all members of the Pool. The purpose of this self-assessment is to remind the college of the importance of best practices.

To receive a 5 percent GL credit for the 2019-20 policy year, community colleges must complete requirements by May 13, 2019, in the following areas:

• Harassment and discrimination

• Hiring practices

• Supervisory practices

• Termination process

Distribute your workplace discrimination and harassment policies (GBA, GBN/JBA and GBNA) to all staff. Conduct an administrative review of your entity’s Workplace Discrimination & Harassment, Hiring, Supervision/Evaluation and Termination practices. Watch the pre-recorded webinar “Employment Practices: Hire to Retire” on the PACE website and complete the Boundary Invasion self assessment survey (Copy and paste this url into a web browser to be directed to the SaVE Act survey).

Should you have any questions regarding this survey contact Risk Management at or 800-285-5461 or 503-371-8667.