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Thank you participating in the Managing Information in Today's Business Environments survey conducted by BPM.com.

The goal of this survey is to better understand the current state of your business environments and how work is performed inside of your organization, as well as your current experiences and level of satisfaction with the systems in place to support this.

This short survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete with six brief "click" style questions and just a few more on demographics. And as a demonstration of our gratitude, we will give one randomly selected respondent a new Kindle Fire HD -- the winner of the BPM.com staff poll as "the gadget we would most like to have!" We just ask that you complete your response by May 8th to be eligible for the drawing. Again, the survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

PLEASE NOTE OUR PRIVACY POLICY: All answers will be kept strictly confidential and all individual responses will be permanently destroyed once the results are compiled. Only aggregated results will be stored and presented.

This first section relates to both current practices and challenges you personally face or that you otherwise observe in your organization, in particular with regard to sharing and managing information.

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* 1. This first question relates to the tools used for information sharing and task management.

Today most organizations use tools such as email, simple workflows (e.g., within SharePoint, Access or common Enterprise Content Management (ECM platform) to support sharing information and managing basic work tasks. We are interested in the role of these types of tools and systems in your organization, as well as your level of satisfaction with them.

Please select the answers below which apply to your organization: (click all that apply)

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* 2. Many organizations have already or are seeking to integrate “social” collaboration solutions (e.g., Yammer, Chatter, Jive, Tempo Social, etc.) within business environments.

Please select the statements that apply to you and/or your organization (i.e., which you would indicate as "true"):

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* 3. This next question relates to challenges you face and priorities you share for getting work done in your organization.

Please select the statements that apply to you (i.e., which you would indicate as "true"):

This second section relates to your relationship to your IT department and IT systems. Our objective with these questions is to understood how IT supports you as a business.

The questions below relate to both the current issues and challenges organizations face with existing systems (often called "legacy applications") as well as anticipated benefits offered by with newer approaches to augment or replace those tools. Please answer candidly, your answers will be kept in strict confidence.

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* 4. Please rate these issues in terms of the significance they present to your organization.

(not a concern)
One of
Our Top Concerns
Our Single Biggest Problem
Older IT systems cannot be changed or adapted as fast as we would like.
Growing maintenance burden on existing legacy applications consumes precious resources and budget better spent elsewhere.
Customers expect easier ways to interact with us and our systems (such as via web and mobile apps).
Our internal IT department cannot keep pace or respond fast enough with the demands on them.
We lack a common understanding or comprehensive view into the state of business operations, because what is happening in one system cannot be viewed from within other systems.
Too much work is done outside of our core systems and applications, which results in what should be unnecessary effort and paperwork.

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* 5. Please rate the following capabilities and functionality as they relate to your organization's current practices and priorities:

  N/A - Not Applicable to Us Priority,
But No Immediate Plans
Very Applicable;
Top Priority
This is Already in Use
Scanning, capture, recognition and indexing of documents and other content, as needed within a given business process.
Ability to offer customers multi-lingual (e.g., in the customer's native language) and multi-channel communications (e.g., mobile, web, email, printed matter).
Reporting and analytical tools to support continuous process improvement and increase productivity and efficiency.
Enabling solutions to be easily updated by business users, reducing their reliance on IT for process changes.
Allow customers to directly submit requests and receive status updates automatically.
Enable a diverse workforce with access to applications via mobile devices (i.e., smart phones and tablets).
Final Question

Traditional packaged software (ERP, HRMS, CRM) has been sold on the basis of faster time-to-deployment of mission critical capabilities, but has imposed a burden of inflexibility that introduces both immediate limitations, and over time considerable cost when making even the most basic yet necessary changes.

There is a new generation of applications emerging, referred to as “Smart Process Apps” by leading analysts, that offers the benefits associated with packaged software but without the burden of rigidity, inability to adapt, and high maintenance costs. These applications are designed to support the collaborative, unstructured processes that are central to any organization, while still leveraging existing legacy systems as the system of record. Smart Process Applications bring together Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), intelligent capture, analytics, personalized customer communications and social capabilities with pre-built domain knowledge, focusing on specific business outcomes. Smart Process Applications provide the knowledge worker with all of the information they need within one application to become more customer-centric, speed time to resolution and ensure compliance.

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* 6. The last question relate to factors associated with Smart Process Apps and the impact these may or may not have on new investments in software and IT resources to be made by your organization.

Please characterize the benefits below with regard to their impact on NEW investments in software and IT resources to be made by your organization:

  Would Not Impact Investment Plans Possible Consideration, But Not
Top Priority
Would Definitely Affect Investment Plans
Ability to support collaborative, dynamic business processes that are otherwise not possible to manage with current systems.
Access to pre-built applications and components, which provide complete or near-complete solutions that address core business functions such as accounting, HR, customer management, and domain-specific functions.
Ability to quickly build new business applications with pre-configured forms, reports, and editable business process templates.
Availability of communications management and collaboration tools to better support people-intensive processes that are critical to the success of the business.
Overall the ability to be more customer- or employee-centric in your operations.
Thank you for your participation! The remaining brief questions are for the purpose of classifying your organization type and location.

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* 8. Are you a software vendor, reseller, IT services provider or otherwise involved in the sale of software?

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* 11. Please Tell us About Your Company (in terms of location of headquarters or primary place of business):

Lastly, please provide your contact details for follow-up purposes, including your copy of the compiled survey results as well as to be entered into the drawing for the Kindle Fire. Your information will NOT be shared with any other party. Again, all answers will be kept strictly confidential and all individual responses will be permanently destroyed once the results are compiled. Only aggregated results will be stored and presented.

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