Input to Parish Selection Committee 

Under the Anglican canons, CCDP's Parish Selection Committee is responsible for recommending a candidate for rector to the Area Bishop. To help us carry out this mandate in the best interests of the parish, the committee welcomes input from all parishioners.

We held a Parish Forum on March 12th, 2017 to hear from you and we also invite you to complete this short survey. By doing so you will help the committee determine what attributes to look for in potential candidates for rector. 

* 1. I attend these services at CCDP: (check all that apply)

* 2. I attend services at CCDP about:

* 3. I have been a member of the parish for: 

* 4. I found Christ Church Deer Park through: 

* 5. Before I joined CCDP:

* 6. I live in Postal Code area:

* 7. I am

* 8. I am age:

* 9. Children:

* 10. The ages of my children:

* 11. Reasons why I am at CCDP: (please check all that apply)

  Why I first came Why I stay
Children and Youth Programs
Variety of Worship Services
Anglican Liturgy
Encounter with mystery/wonder/awe
Location (proximity to home/work)
Life Events (such as Baptism, Wedding, Funeral or other)
Outreach Programs
Small activity groups
Architecture/Worship spaces 
To explore my spiritual journey with Christ
Opportunities to contribute

* 12. Give us one word that describes CCDP to you.

* 13. Are there other things that would make you more comfortable at CCDP, or encourage you to become more engaged in the activities here?

* 14. The Parish Selection Committee would appreciate your views on the current strengths and weaknesses of the Parish. Check each item below:

  Clear Opportunity for Improvement OK Clear Strength
Pastoral Care
Children's Program
Sense of belonging
Financial Sustainability
Christian Education
Youth Group

* 15. Please rank order in terms of importance from your perspective, the following attributes of a new rector (with "1" being the most important, and "10" being least important)

* 16. Do you have additional observations or comments to help us in our deliberations?