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Thank you for your interest in the Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation Program, an incredible opportunity to build your leadership skills whilst making a positive impact in the community! Please complete this application by 5 May 2023.

This 4-month intensive program involves 
  • 2 day overnight camp in Mylor (9am Saturday 3 June - 4pm Sunday 4 June).
  • 12 week community action project - work in small teams with students from different high schools to support a Non Profit Organisation progress a challenge
  • 4 x in-person workshops at UniSA Business School, City-West 
  • A final project presentation and Graduation Ceremony on 25 October 2023
  • Check times and dates of workshops here.

Eligibility: You must be a current Full time year 10 student to complete the program in 2023.

Cost of the program = $1800 plus GST. 
Please check with your parents if they can pay this. If not, we have some scholarships available (see below if you are eligible). If you're not eligible, don't worry, we can help you! Some ideas to get support include asking your school Principal, teacher, go to your local Council because they often have youth grants or even ask your local Rotary club for help! Some students may even look to fundraise to gain a place in the program! Ask us for ideas- we are here to help!

Applications Close on 14 April.
Selections will be made by 3 May.

More information can be found on our website:
For any questions please contact:
Jo Carrick
Relationship Manager
Leaders Institute of SA
0423 802 446

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* 1. Participant Details:

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* 2. Please tick agreement to all all components of the program:
This 4-month intensive program involves:

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* 3. What is the name of your School?

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* 4. What year of school will you be in 2023?

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* 5. Date of Birth (Eg. 01/10/2005)

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* 6. What is your cultural background?

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* 7. What suburb do you live in?

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* 8. Please provide contact details of your school teacher:

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* 9. Have you previously done any leadership development program(s)?

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* 10. Please explain why you are interested to apply for the Youth GLF Program?

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* 11. How did you find out about the program? Did anyone refer you?

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* 12. What skills/qualities do you wish to develop? (pick top 4)

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* 13. Scholarships
The cost of the program = $1800 plus GST. We understand not everyone can afford this.

We do have some scholarships available.

If you require a scholarship to participate in the Youth GLF Program please tick below the scholarship option that applies to you.

If none of these apply, you may like to ask your teacher to help you ask your Principal because the school might cover some of the cost, or call your local council as they may have youth grants. Or even ask your local Lions Club or Rotary club may help. Finally you could fundraise.

We also do payment plans.

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* 14. Participant Written Section

PART A - Community involvement and leadership (200-400 words)

- Choose a leadership role (or position of responsibility) that you have fulfilled either in your school, sport, home or community in the past 2-3 years. Outline what this role requires of you (the tasks you have to do) and describe the leadership skills you have.

- Explain which of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are you most passionate about?

- What changes do YOU want to see in the world and how might YOU go about doing that?  

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* 15. PART B - Personal interests (200-400 words)

- Give details of your main areas of interest. These may include music, sport, clubs, religious and service organisations, competition entered, awards won, volunteer work and projects in which you have been involved.

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* 16. PART C - Ambitions (200 words) 

- Why would you like to participate in this program and what do you hope to gain from involvement in this program?

- If you are applying for a Scholarship, please explain why you should benefit from this opportunity?

- What do you hope to achieve in the future? (in terms of career, university, and life goals.)

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* 17. By writing your full name here, you agree to the following terms of the program:

- I will participate in the program to the best of my ability, participate in the group projects, whilst supported by a Project Mentor, and to share my leadership learnings and the group projects at the Graduation Ceremony towards the end of the year.

- I will do my best to communicate clearly and frequently with the team, Mentor, Program Manager and Non Profit Organisation. If I say I will do something, I will do it. And if I can’t, I will provide plenty of notice and enlist the help of a fellow team member to deliver tasks and not leave things until the last minute.

- I accept that there will be times of increased stress, but I understand I have a team and Mentor to support me and I will voice any concerns I have and will not disappear or avoid dealing with problems until the last moment.

- I will not pull out of the project until I have spoken to and received approval to withdraw from each of the following: 1) my parents, 2) the Team Mentor AND the 3) the Program Manager, because I understand this could cause serious repercussions for the rest of the team involved in the project.

Please write your full name and date in acknowledgement and agreement to these terms


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* 18. Parental Acknowledgement and Permission (please ask your parent to fill in this section)

Please note:
There will be an increased level of stress as participants juggle school-work priorities with their projects, but this is all part of the ‘challenge’ and we provide a structured and supportive environment (this is where the growth and sense of achievement comes from at the completion of the project). The senior Mentor will be guiding the project team and helping to problem solve along the journey.
Only teenagers who are fully committed to following through with the program and the group project, should apply.

There may be times you may need to help your teenager find transport to meetings in and across town.

Please note, should we have any communication challenges, we may message you to help us contact your teenager, and potentially escalate any issues or concerns. 

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* 19. Payment
The cost of the program = $1800 plus GST.

Some students may receive full/ part scholarships provided by sponsors of the program (section for students to complete above). You will find out when applications have closed and scholarships are offered.

If your teen doesn't qualify for a scholarship, we will require full payment via credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer. We accept payment plans to be paid over 3 instalments.

We recommend you seek reimbursement from the following sources:
  • Your local council (may offer youth leadership grants),
  • your school Principal (the school may offer scholarships),
  • your local Rotary or service Club (may contribute in return to have them speak about their experience),
  • your teenager fundraises to help support the cost 

Please tick which payment option:

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* 20. Fundraising Ideas

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* 21. Medical/ Additional Needs
Does the Youth GLF applicant suffer any medical/ psychological/ physical health issues/needs that the Program Organiser and Mentors should be aware of?

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* 22. Dietary
Does the Youth GLF applicant suffer from any allergies, have any intolerances, or major dislikes of any food types (eg: must be gluten free, or vegetarian, halal etc)

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* 23. Emergency contact if parent/guardian not available:

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* 24. Transport to Camp
How will your teenager get to Mylor Adventure camp (32 Wingrove Road, Mylor) on Saturday, 3 June at 9am and return home on Sunday, 4 June leaving the camp at 4.00pm?