One of the focus areas for the Central Coast Friends of Democracy (CCFoD) is to restore local democracy to the Central Coast and reclaim our Council. 

Initially this means asking the question about whether our Council should demerge - or not. What do you think?

We want to hear from you. Tell us your preference - and up to 3 reasons for your answer.

There may not be a wrong or right answer - but having your say is part of our local democracy. Our community has not had a chance to have their voice heard on this important question.

Please note: you can only complete this survey once from each device.

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* 1. Do you think Central Coast Council should demerge or stay as it is?

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* 2. Give up to 3 reasons for your answer:
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* 3. Any other comments?

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If you believe Council should demerge - then you can download a petition here.