Call for Sessions - 30th Anniversary of the Combined Claims Conference

March 6-7, 2018
Hyatt Regency Orange County
The Combined Claims Conference Steering Committee seeks your recommendations for next year's session topics for tracks focused on Property, Liability and Special Investigations/Suspicious Claims. Please complete the following submission to enter for consideration BEFORE July 15, 2017.  Each question requires a complete answer.
If you are submitting more than one session, please complete a separate survey for each.
Thank you for your support of the Combined Claims Conference!

Your suggestions for topics and speakers (whether or not you personally know them) will be critical to our planning process. The Committee values your input.

* 1. Proposed session track.

* 2. Describe the goal or objective of the session and what the participants will take away from the session. (one paragraph minimum - this will be used as the session description in the onsite program manual)

* 3. Statement of Relevancy: why is this course relevant to the CCC attendees?

* 4. Describe how this course will contribute to the attendees understanding of claims processes, insurance coverage, statutes and rules.

* 5. How will the course improve the attendees understanding of the specific course topic being addressed (i.e. construction, commercial, residential, vehicles, injuries)?

* 6. How does the course relate to the adjustment of insurance claims and increases their understanding of valuations?

* 7. How will the attendees competence be improved by completion of the course?

* 8. Potential speakers for this session:

* 9. Potential speakers for this session:

* 10. Potential speakers for this session:

* 11. Potential speakers for this session:

* 12. You MUST also attach an outline of your session. Each breakout session is scheduled for 60 min.  Outlines are typically bullet format and 1 - 2 pages in length.  Next to each topic or subtopic of the outline should be a estimated time allotted to each topic, ex: 5min...10min...15min, etc.

Attachments in PDF, DOC, DOCX only.  PowerPoint presentations not accepted at this time.

PDF, DOCX, DOC file types only.
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* 13. Due to new CA Department of Insurance requirements for continuing education credits, all presenters must provide their Social Security Number or CA Adjuster License Number to the Combined Claims Conference CE provider (Impact General) upon their request.  If speakers do not agree to provide this information, the session(s) will not be selected by the CCC Program Committee.

* 14. Your contact information: