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* 1. We are creating regional groups throughout the United States to support the new Encampment. These groups can spread the word, raise funds, and help recruit campers and staff. Your survey will help us refer you to a group near you, and will provide information for our database so that we can communicate with you. If you would prefer that we not share your home or email address with other alums, please check this box.


* 3. What year(s)/location were you involved with EFC? Please list all separately. You can abbreviate--for instance, 58CA or 58NY or 66KY or 96PA.

* 4. How are you connected with the Encampment for Citizenship? Please provide name used then if different from the one given in current contact information.

* 5. If you are interested in sharing your Encampment experience and reflections, either in writing or by being interviewed, tell us below.

* 6. Here's a short bio:

* 7. Would you like to receive information regarding EFC activities? You will receive email updates unless you indicate that you would rather be phoned.

* 8. Would you like to be contacted to participate in EFC activities? If so, please indicate preferred method of contact: email and/or phone.


* 10. Tell us where you work now and/or your current and past skills and professional experience.

* 11. I would like to become a member of the EFC at the support level indicated below. (Please send your tax-deductible donation to "EFC" POB 1210 Aptos CA 95001. To donate online at our website: click the DONATE button at encampmentforcitizenship.org)