1. Section 1

The Path to Citizenship Curriculum and Preparation for the Naturalization Ceremony

* 1. The Path to Citizenship curriculum was interesting and relevant to my students.

* 2. The book aligns with our state social studies standards.

* 3. As an educator, it is important to me to use materials that closely align to the state standards.

* 4. “The Path to Citizenship" curriculum is more relevant to my students than a standard textbook.

* 5. The curriculum provided comprehensive lessons to teach my class about the naturalization process and civic-related issues.

* 6. After completing the curriculum, my students were adequately prepared for what to expect on the ceremony day.

* 7. Did you use the curriculum in its entirety?

* 8. As a result of participating in the Citizenship Counts program, did you notice increased interest in issues related to citizenship and immigration with your students?

* 9. What feature(s) of the book was/were most helpful to you as an educator?

* 10. What changes would you make to improve the curriculum?

* 11. What aspect of the preparation activities best helped prepare your students to host the ceremony at school?

* 12. After completing the program, what changes would you recommend if you were to host a naturalization ceremony at your school again?