Welcome to Connected Communities Academic Survey

Dear CC Academics,

AHRC have funded me to work with Keri Facer and George McKay to try to better understand the CC programme. I am currently conducting interviews with project teams around the country. These interviews have identified themes which we would like to explore with participants in the whole programme through this survey.

This survey will take around 15 minutes and we’d very much appreciate you taking a moment to fill it in. If possible please complete a new survey for each of the CC projects you have been involved with. This survey is designed to be answered by Academics on CC projects (including Early Career Researchers, CO-Is, PIs and all other academics involved). We’re looking for responses from as many people involved in the programme as possible so please forward a copy of this survey on to other academics in your CC team.

We also have a separate Community Partner Survey and we ask that you forward this one on to the community partners and non-academic collaborating organisations on your project(s).

The aim of the survey is to help us really understand how Connected Communities is working and try to inform the future development of the programme.

As an added incentive – there will be a prize draw to win £200 worth of book tokens that everyone sending in a completed survey can be entered into. Please spread the word!

Thank you for your help.

NB: throughout this survey ‘collaborating organisations’ refer to non-academics and community partners.

If you have any questions or you would like a large text version of either survey please contact: Bryony.Enright@bristol.ac.uk.
Alternatively, if you would prefer to fill this survey in via a Word document please email Bryony and she will send you one.

A note on anonymity of data:
Individual responses will be kept confidential and will only be seen by Keri, Bryony and administrative staff at the University of Bristol and will not be made available in public or to funding bodies. Aggregated and anonymised datasets will be publicly available and will be stored in appropriate RCUK data archives, survey codes will be used to protect individual identities. Our analysis and results will be made available in academic and public outputs but individual responses will not be used. At the end of the survey there are some additional questions to support specific CC18 Legacy Projects, this data will be analysed by Steve Connelly and Kate Pahl to identify projects to contact for further conversations; this is the only raw data Steve and Kate will see. Your name and project title will not be used in any publications or outputs resulting from the findings. Responses will not influence the funding of your project in anyway.

This survey is being conducted using the US based company SurveyMonkey:


Consequently, the data you enter will be stored on SurveyMonkey's servers in the USA (under Safe Harbor and therefore in compliance with principle 8 of the UK's Data Protection Act). SurveyMonkey are respectful of its users' privacy and will not make any use of any of the data you submit. You can read SurveyMonkey's privacy policy at:


Furthermore, because we take your privacy seriously we have opted for SurveyMonkey's enhanced security option, whereby IP addresses and email addresses will not be captured. Email addresses will only be seen by the team at Bristol if you choose to enter them on the final page of the survey.