1. Virtual Worlds and New Realities - RESEARCH DIRECTIONS

To help get a running start on discussions at the "Virtual Worlds and New Realities" workshop at Emory University (details at http://www.halleinstitute.emory.edu/sub-virtual.htm), please take a few minutes to respond to the following 7 questions. Thanks
Benn, Holli and David - Emory University

* 1. QUESTIONS THAT MATTER: What research questions or inquiries are important with regard to studying virtual worlds in the next several years (think 2008-2015)?

* 2. METHODS: What research methods and approaches are valuable in the study of, and study in, virtual worlds?

* 3. COLLABORATIVE INITIATIVES: What might be some ways to effectively establish more multi-university and multi-institutional research, both with regard to studying virtual worlds as well as using virtual worlds to facilitate research collaborations?