* 1. How did you hear about The Mensroom?

* 2. How presentable was the shop regarding cleanliness?

* 3. How conducive was the environment to relaxation regarding music, TV's , conversation etc?

* 4. Are you aware of our online/ telephonic booking system?

* 5. Are you aware of our "Happy Hour" packages and great products?

* 6. Who was the last barber/ stylist who conducted your service?

* 7. How would you rate this person?

* 8. How were you received at our reception area?

* 9. How likely is it that you would recommend The Mensroom to a friend or colleague?

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* 10. Please leave your name & cell number - with 2 friends names with cell numbers (that you think would enjoy a Mensroom experience)  and you could win a full LEGEND package on the house! We'll even give your friends a discount and say you organized it!