Welcome to the Removal to Renewal Neighbour Survey

The ACT Government wants to work closely with neighbours to keep properties safe and secure; to provide relevant information about the demolition schedule, process and rebuild as well as support neighbours where possible through the change to their streets and suburbs. 
Please provide us with the name of your suburb, or your full details, at the start of the survey. This will help the Taskforce understand your situation, your information needs and the support that you may need to help manage change in your street or suburb.  

 This survey will only take up to 15 minutes and will cover:
1.   Contact Information – You can nominate to provide your suburb name only 
2.   Your Information needs
3.   Your Household
4.   Your Proximity to ‘Mr Fluffy’ house/s
5.   Your Demolition Experience
6.   Supporting your connection to community

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.